With years in the real estate business operating as sponsors under Omar Holdings (OH Companies)/Smith Capital and co-investing in opportunities, the need to find a reliable and trustworthy execution partner led to the creation of Omnium in 2020 as the execution arm to the group. Omnium offers a comprehensive range of services, including management and coordination solutions for all project-related activities. From sponsor development to construction and project management, Omnium is a full-service firm that offers a simpler, more streamlined real estate development solution.

Through our entrepreneurial approach, Omnium is committed to generating value through development, and repositioning of significant projects for its stakeholders. By using a boutique model, we offer added flexibility in joint venture structuring and governance, all while delivering on-site expertise as a development partner.

Our team is a collection of seasoned experts, offering our clients strategic partners that are at the top of their fields. A project is only as good as it’s team—and with experience in engineering, architecture, construction, and finance, we are here to make sure every team excels.